offer a speedy car opening service to London and the South East of England. If you have accidentally got your keys locked in the car we can gain entry and get your car open without causing any damage. Its so easy to drop your shopping in the boot and close the trunk without removing your keys. This is normally not a problem, but for some makes of car such as BMW and Mercedes the boot door will often become locked.

We attend hundreds of call-outs each year where vehicle keys have been locked in the car whilst still in the ignition. This often happens when charging the cars battery. If you place your car key the ignition lock and then add jump leads to the battery MAKE SURE the car door is still open – the current added to the battery will quite likely cause a spike and trigger the cars central locking system.

How will you get my car open?

In addition to replacing car keys in FUENGIROLA, MIJAS, BENALMADENA, we are also experts at picking car locks and gaining entry to locked vehicles. In most cases when we get called out to replace lost car keys we will have to gain entry to the car first before making a key. We have years of experience in unlocking cars and will be sure to open your car doors without causing any damage in the slightest. For most vehicles we gain entry by picking one of the locks. This is a skilled technique achieved with specialist vehicle specific lock picks. On some more basic cars we maybe able to insert a long reach tool through the rim of the door to grab keys or press the unlock button on the key fob. A large majority of cars will still have manual wind down windows in the back. In the majority of these cases we will use a cleverly designed lever rod to grab the handle and lower the cars window, allowing access to the keys. Even some of the more modern cars still have wind down windows in the back.

Specialist vehicle entry

We receive dozens of calls each week from motorists in FUENGIROLA, MIJAS, BENALMADENA  that have locked their Mercedes or BMW keys in the boot. Using a well engineered lock pick we can unlock boot locks with no fuss and no damage. BMW and Mercedes cars seem to be very problematic for auto locking so you can rest assured we are well practiced and will get your keys out in the quickest possible time. Its possible for any make of car to auto lock, but in addition to BMW and Mercedes other common car entry jobs are for Ford, Daewoo, Peugeot, Renault, Seat, Citroen Hyundai, VW and Audi.

All car entry jobs are priced on several factors such as the location of the car, the car make and the position of the key. With this in mind please call us directly for a fixed quote.

If you have found us by searching the web for keys locked in the car, you can be sure you have found the right company to help.